How To Attract Older Women

So you’ve come to the decision that you want to learn how to attract older women. Most men believe that pursuing these women is complicated and “rough territory”, so to speak, but attracting older women isn’t as hard as most “cougar hunters” believe it to be. Before you use a cheesy pickup line that is sure to get you rejected, give this article a read first. Below are my top 5 tips for learning how to attract older women.

how to attract older women

1). Honest compliments:

Do you recall back in the day when picking up a girl took just buying them a shot, and they’d be into you? This is not so with a cougar. Don’t treat older women as if they are young girls with shallow flattery or one-liners. An older gal is sharp and you should greet them with a well thought out compliment that they will believe, one that is original and tailored with your target lady in mind. To attract the attention of mature women you have to use your head, and I mean the one on top of your shoulders.

fireworks with females

2). Be genuinely curious:

Ask personal questions about her, like her job and her interests. She is an adult lady, out for a night on the town, so treat her accordingly and engage her in adult conversation. Do not broach such subjects as fantasy football, comic books, or wrestling. Juvenile chatter will definitely not impress a mature older women. Contribute to the conversation without dominating it. Commenting on her accomplishments shows an older women that you have a genuine interest in learning what she is all about.

3). Buy her favorite drink:

Her cocktail is finished, so offer her another drink. To attract an older woman do not try a cheesy pick-up line instead start a conversation and become interested in what she is saying then casually buy her next drink. If the woman accepts, she probably would not mind a conversation with you while she finishes the drink.

4). Take the conversation deeper:

So you’ve discussed normal topics like general interests and work, and you’ve bought a drink for her, thus giving her a clear sign of your interest. Right now she’s probably no longer wary of you as some strange guy buying another round for her. Go into things she probably doesn’t talk about often; show her that you really are interested in her. It can be anything: a TV show, unusual sport, etc. Engage the conversation by breaking down the hot-older-woman exterior and find out what makes her tick.

fireworks with females

5). Pre-Pickup Tips:

Confidence is a must. You’re not climbing Mount Everest, so stand up tall. Act as if this is something you do all the time. Being self-assured is beneficial as long as you keep it in check. She doesn’t want to hear about your high-school wrestling tournaments. Let her guide the conversation by her interests and don’t be dominating. And looking like you’ve had a few too many is also a big turnoff.

It is also worth considering some things that you should never do when trying to attract older women. Don’t talk about kids if you have kids. Also, don’t talk about divorce if you’re divorced. Relationships and kids should be off limits, because she might have either or both, but she does not want to think about those things at a bar. Talk about personal interests in your life but avoid these dangerous waters. Doing so will help you in your quest to pick up an older woman. Happy hunting.