How To Get A Girls Number

If you are reading this article, I understand that you have no problem meeting and talking to girls for the first time. The next step is one that many guys struggle with. That is the question of how to get a girls number so that you can see her again.

how to get a girls number

Many men will tell you the simplest way to get a girl’s number is to ask. That’s right. It’s easy. Simply make a remark something along the lines of, “I enjoy talking with you. How about giving me your phone number so we can hang out again?.”

This is not the same as asking for her number. There is a subtle difference. Asking gives her the option of saying “no.” You have a much better chance of getting a girl’s number if you tell her to give it to you. If you take charge of the situation, women often will go along with it automatically. Usually they prefer this, in fact. You take the lead with a girl when you tell her to give her number to you. It works by a subtle trick of psychology rooting in our evolutionary past. If you show yourself to be an alpha male, women are generally more inclined to give you a chance.

fireworks with females

Having convinced a girl to give you her number, you need to make sure it is the right one. Here are some effective suggestions for how to get a girl’s number – and check that it’s legitimate.

Start by simply asking her for her number so you can save it in your phone. Once she gives you her number and you have it entered into your cell phone, call her while she’s standing in front of you Use the excuse that this way she will also get your number this way, which will show up on her cell phone when you call.

This method is wonderfully effective since it instantly proves whether you really have her number, and a chance of getting a date. It requires bravery and confidence, however the best thing is your number shows up on her phone as well.

Why do you want her to have your number if you don’t expect her to call you up anyway? It means a lot because when you give her a call a few days later, your name will be displayed on the caller ID, not a strange phone number that she doesn’t recognize. Consider it. If you were in her place, which call will you probably respond to? A call from someone she knows or a call from some random cell phone.

fireworks with females

So what happens if her phone does not ring when you call the number she’s given you? Unfortunately, that means she gave you a fake number! But don’t get disappointed about it. Just say something cool and calm, like “So you don’t actually want to hang out with me, too bad” and move on. At this point she may let you have her actual number, or make some excuse like she’s dating someone else. This whole scenario will let you know she’s not really into you. Even if she does give you her number it indicates that the attraction probably isn’t mutual, something which you should bare in mind if you we planning on trying to get a date with her.

Another psycological trick you can try to get a girls contact information is instead of asking her for her phone number, try asking her for her email address. This sometimes throws women off guard and makes it more likely that she will give you a chance by giving you the contact information you have asked for. Also, email is more business like and less personal, so psychologically feels safer than giving out a telephone number. Just come right out and ask her if she has email, and ask her for her address so you can send her a message. Hold out a pen and try to be funny by saying something like “I promise to only email you every 10 minutes”. When she starts writing her email address down say something like “hey why don’t you write your name and number down too”

Its important when asking for a woman’s phone number not to mention anything like dates, marriage, or how much you mom is going to like her. Avoid laying it on too thick at this stage. Instead just concentrate on getting her contact details and slowing take it from there. Taking it too far will only make her feel pressured, turned off, and will destroy the mystery you created by confidently asking for her number.

I hope that this article on how to get a girl’s number has been helpful to you. It really isn’t hard to get a girls phone number at all. All it takes is a bit of confidence. Even though it can seem a little uncomfortable to immediately call the number a girl has given you, the benefits will far outweigh any awkward moments you may encounter. You will most likely find that you will get the correct number more often than you may think.

Best of luck with your dating efforts.