How To Please A Woman

Do you want to know how to please a woman in and out of the bedroom? If you have ever been involved romantically with a woman, you will know there must be a secret or key to achieving this. After all, many guys go crazy buying stuff and changing their lives around in an attempt to get a woman to like them. These guys are the rule rather than the exception, and it all happened because they never learned how to please a woman. If you want some good advice to help you to attract women and have good relationships with them you should be happy, you have come to the right place. In this article I investigate some simple yet effective guidelines on the subject of how to please a woman:

how to please a woman

How To Please A Woman – What Women Want

Are you aware that one of the biggest secrets to pleasing a women is not working too hard to make her happy. As ironic and illogical as it sounds, it’s true. Women will often test a man to see how willing he is to stand up for himself. Most women want a man who will both love and protect them. From a protection point of view, they will be far more attracted to a guy who stands up for himself that a wet blanket who lets her walk all over him.

Realizing how to please a woman begins with knowing when you are being tested, and remaining true to your personal beliefs when this happens. If you are able to pull this off with certainty and confidence, then you are sure to demonstrate to her your power and decisiveness. You will also be displaying the fact that you are capable of taking care of and standing up for your woman.

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How to Please a Woman – Emotional Needs

When learning how to please a woman, learning how the art of satisfying a lady emotionally could very well be the most difficult aspect that men have to master. You need to have the knowledge about how women communicate, and the indirect way they sometimes go about it. Men have more concrete thoughts and prefer to avoid the secretive “guess what is on my mind games.” However, women need you to fill in the missing spaces and realize their desires.

How to Please a Woman Physically

How to please a woman physically is a question on the mind of every man at one time or another. Many guys have discovered the secret. That is if you meet a woman’s emotional needs, your sexual relationship gets stronger as well. Ladies consider sex the pinnacle of all other aspects of your relationship. If you do not make her happy emotionally, or if you are not confident or portray yourself as a valuable person, it will be difficult to satisfy her in the bedroom.

fireworks with females

If you feel that you meet her emotional needs but life in the bedroom is still a bit static, try to spice things up a bit. Surprise her with your dirty side from time to time and see how she responds to different ideas. By doing this you will soon put the spark back in to your sex life and ensure that she cant wait for the next time the two of you get it on.

As a valued reader, I hope that the advice in this article has been useful to you. I recommend that all guys take a long hard look at themselves and see if there is any aspect that they can improve upon. Be confident and self assured when putting the above advice in to practice, and you will discover just how simple it is to learn how to please a woman.