Best Places To Meet Women Other Than Bars And Nightclubs

Not knowing where to go to meet women is a common problem for men. The majority of single guys wrongly assume that bars and nightclubs are the best places to go to pick up women. In reality, bars and clubs are some of the worst places to meet women. Approaching women in bars really is a shot in the dark as all a guy has to go on is how a woman looks. Also, the music is often too loud to initiate a conversation, and many girls hanging out in bars just use guys to get drinks. The sheer number of guys competing for hot women in bars also makes life difficult. The competition is often fierce, and women get approached so many times that they are constantly on guard and far more likely to give you the brush off.
best places to meet women
My point is that far too many guys focus all their attention on meeting women in bars and clubs. In reality, hot single women are everywhere, not just in bars and clubs. Guys really need to quit walking around all day with their eyes closed to the endless possibilities all around them. With that in mind, here is my list of the best places to meet women other than bars and nightclubs.

The Gym

The gym can be a great place to meet single girls. You already have something in common to talk about (staying fit and healthy) and you have ample opportunities for making conversation. When approaching women in the gym its a good idea to wait until she has finished her work out before starting a conversation. Interrupting her while she’s dripping in sweat running on the treadmill is not a recipe for success. Its also a good idea to wipe the sweat off yourself before making an approach in the gym. Many gyms also contain sauna’s and hot tub’s, which are two great social places to start a conversation.

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Local Clubs and Societies

Joining some local clubs or other communities of people who share similar interests as you is a great way to meet potential girlfriends. For example, if you’re in to SCUBA Diving, join the local club. If you like soccer or softball, join the local adult league. You might just meet some hot women who share your passion, and you instantly have something in common to start a conversation about. Also, you will be able get to know the women you meet gradually over time, as opposed to having to make moves straight away. So weather your passionate about playing chess, hunting for extraterrestrial life, or going hiking, get involved with the local community.


Women love men that are so passionate about something that they are willing to give up their free time. There are plenty of volunteering opportunities out there and I highly recommend that you look for opportunities that you relate to and are passionate about. Options include volunteering to help construct homes for the underprivileged, cleaning up a local park, as well as environmental campaigns. By picking something that you are interested in you are sure to meet like minded women and do some good at the same time.

Museums and Art Galleries

Museum’s and art galleries are ideal places to pick up cultured attractive single women. Women that hang out in art galleries and museums tend to be cultured, intelligent and interesting. Many American cities have a “First Friday”, a free party at one of the city’s art galleries. In fact there are numerous art galleries in every city and town that have open evenings, parties, and exhibitions. Do yourself a favor and start checking them out in your local area.

Concerts and Festivals

A major benefit of approaching women at concerts and festivals is that you already have an easy conversation starter: the band, comedian, or whatever event you are at. You share a similar taste in music which is always a great way to get conversation flowing. Women are incredibly passionate about music and the arts and love the chance to share their opinions. If your single its well worth checking out whats going on in your local area.

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The Laundromat

The laundromat is an excellent place to meet women in your local area. If you see a woman that you find attractive you’ve got ample of time to think of a conversation starter. It takes over 30 minutes to wash a load and another 45 minutes to dry it. You know that women in your local laundromat live nearby, so try starting a conversation about some local news or upcoming event.

The Grocery Store

Grocery shopping can be an invaluable tool for single guys. There are so many things you can use to start a conversation with a hot woman in the store. “Have you tried these?” Or, “I’m looking for …. Do you know which aisle they are on?”. The sheer variety of women in the grocery store is enormous.


Bookshops (especially those with coffee shops inside), are great places to meet women. For starters, you get some insight into her interests based on what she’s looking at. A good approach is to pick up a couple of books from the aisle that she is browsing and place yourself near to the woman that you find attractive. Next, look as if you’re really having trouble deciding which to buy. Then turn to her and ask her if she has read either of the books. Try to get a conversation started and ask about the book or books that she has in her hands. If she is receptive you could ask her to accompany you to the coffee shop to recommend some other books.

fireworks with females

I hope that this article about the best places to meet women other than bars and nightclubs has given you some inspiration. My best piece of advice is to be open to meeting women in every aspect of your life. Get out there, enjoy life, meet new people and your ideal partner may well be just around the corner. Even if it takes a while to meet a woman that you like you will have fun along the way, and you will vastly increase your social circle.