eHarmony Review – Is Worth The Money?

eHarmony Online Dating Website Review by John Duvall

Rating: 5 stars

Online dating websites are an indispensable resource for single men looking to meet new women, go on dates, and cultivate relationships. For guys who are new to online dating I recommend getting started by joining one of the larger online dating websites.

eHarmony review

Large online dating websites are characterized by having millions of single female members, all with unique personalities, passions, and interests, living all over the country. I recommend that guys looking to get started with online dating begin by joining a large online dating website requiring a subscription. While this may sound strange, if you think about it this really does make sense. Online dating sites that require a small subscription fee will only contain female members that are serious about online dating. This will save you lots of time wasted trying to connect with women who are not serious about meeting someone, and also eradicates women who signed up in the past but are no longer using the service (after all no one continues to pay for something that they no longer use). Large online dating websites requiring a subscription also tend to be the easiest to get started with, as they provide the best customer support and also tend to be easier to use than the smaller dating sites.

With that advice in mind, its time to decide which online dating website to get started with. While there are a couple of websites that meet the above criteria, for me the best is eHarmony. In this comprehensive eHarmony Review, I will explain why I believe it to be the best online dating website for the vast majority of single men looking to meet women.

eHarmony Review – Ethos and History of

I would like to begin this review of eHarmony by giving a brief overview and history of the website. eHarmony is an incredibly popular online dating website that matches single men and women looking to build long-term relationships. The eHarmony website was founded by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, a relationship psychologist and author, and Greg Forgatch.

After working for over 35 years as a clinical psychologist and expert marriage counselor, Dr. Warren decided to test his theory that certain personality characteristics can predictably affect compatibility between people. His goal was to use his knowledge and experience to help single men and women find compatible partners thereby increasing peoples chances of cultivating successful relationships. Dr. Warren knew from his experience in clinical psychology and marriage counseling that while some American marriages ended in divorce, many couples were enjoying fulfilling partnerships. Dr. Warren had observed that long-term relationships that worked were composed of compatible people, while marriages that failed often did so because of key differences in personality traits. During his career Dr. Warren believed that he had identified a number of characteristics that always seemed to be present in relationships that were successful. These characteristics became known as the “29 Dimensions of Compatibility” (see below). After approximately three years of extensive research and development (involving thousands upon thousands of married couples), Dr. Warren confirmed that the characteristics he had identified were extremely important in predicting long-term relationship success. Dr. Warren then set about developing his now famous model of human compatibility. This model (developed in collaboration with Dr. Galen Buckwalter) has become the foundation of the eHarmony’s compatibility matching service.

eHarmony officially launched its matching service on August 22, 2000, becoming the first online dating website to use a scientific approach to match compatible men and women. eHarmony’s Compatibility Matching System allows eHarmony members to be matched with compatible persons with whom they are likely to enjoy a fulfilling long-term relationship. The success of eHarmony’s scientific approach is underlined by the fact that since its launch eHarmony has helped millions of members of all ages, ethnicities, religious and political beliefs (from more than 200 countries) find love. Tens of thousands of singles complete the eHarmony questionnaire every single day. A survey conducted in 2009 by Harris Interactive reported that after finding a match on, an average of 542 American eHarmony members get married every day, making eHarmony’s compatibility matching service responsible for nearly 5% of all American marriages. eHarmony is based in Santa Monica, California. In addition to, the eHarmony business has expanded its operations by developing additional websites for the Australian, Brazilian, Canadian, and United Kingdom markets.

eHarmony Review – Overview of the eHarmony Website

I would like to begin this overview of the eHarmony website by talking about probably the most important consideration for guys choosing an online dating website to join – The female members. Unlike some of the other large online dating websites out there eHarmony boasts a huge pool of quality single women residing in all 50 U.S. states. In addition to women living in the U.S., eHarmony also has female members residing in over 200 countries worldwide. The site currently has over 20 million registered users consisting of an ethnically, racially, and religiously diverse database of women of all ages, all of whom are serious about meeting new guys and going on dates. The sheer choice on offer makes it far easier for guys to find a woman with whom they share a similar background, morality, and/or belief system. In addition to matching single guys with compatible women, the large number of female members also makes it easier to connect with women who share similar interests, hobbies, and passions.

So, eHarmony’s pool of millions of female members certainly holds amazing potential for connecting with beautiful women who are serious about dating. The next most important factor to consider is how eHarmony matches single guys with compatible women. At eHarmony the emphasis is not on getting guys to register, upload a photo, and then search the female members database for a hottie. Instead, eHarmony uses a patented matching system based on numerous scientific studies about love, relationships and compatibility. eHarmony members start by completing a questionnaire in order to determine characteristics, beliefs, values, emotional traits and skills. The information that members provide in their completed questionnaire is then subjected to eHarmony’s matching algorithms, which matches core traits and values (present in happy fulfilling relationships) between members in order to match compatible people. The eHarmony software evaluates around 500 variables consisting of the answers members give in their completed questionnaire, as well as the behavioral information gathered from the eHarmony website (e.g. average time spent on the site etc.). In this respect eHarmony differs from other online dating websites as the emphasis is on compatibility rather than matching people who share certain hobbies.

Due to the vast amount of data that the eHarmony compatibility matching software requires (the survey contains more than 400 questions), eHarmony’s sign up process does take a relatively long time compared to other online dating websites. The flip side of this is that eHarmony is much better at finding compatible women as a result of all the data it collects about you. I recommend that all guys fill out the personality questionnaire regardless of whether or not they eventually decide to subscribe for the service. This is because everyone that fills out the survey receives personality printouts that contain information about what you have to offer a relationship as well as the type of woman that you would be most compatible with.

In the next section of this comprehensive eHarmony review I will examine in detain how the eHarmony compatibility matching software works.

eHarmony Review – 29 Dimensions of Compatibility

eHarmony’s patented Compatibility Matching System narrows the field from thousands of single women to match with a highly specific group of compatible females. The question is, how does it do it? In this section of this review I will be taking a closer look at eHarmony’s compatibility matching system in order to understand how it has become so successful.’s compatibility matching system is based upon the research of Dr. Warren and his team at eHarmony labs. Dr. Warren and his team of researches have extensively studied the differences between happy and unhappy couples. The results of this research highlighted 29 Dimensions that predicted happy and fulfilling relationships These Dimensions of Compatibility are rigorous scientific predictors of long-term relationship success.

Breaking these dimensions of compatibility down and grouping them in to core traits and vital attributes makes it easier to understand how the software at the heart of eHarmony works. A brief outline of the core traits and vital attributes used by eHarmony’s personality matching software is given below:

eHarmony Core Traits

Core Traits are the defining characteristics of a person’s personality that remain largely unchanged throughout a person’s adult life. These include:

  • Emotional Temperament  – How a person feels about themselves and their place in the world.
  • Social Style – How a person relates to other people.
  • Cognitive Mode – How a person thinks about the world around them.
  • Physicality – How a person relates physically to themselves and the world.

eHarmony Vital Attributes

Vital Attributes are based on a persons life experience. They tend to be more more likely to change as a result of life events, circumstance and the decisions a person makes during their adult life. These include:

  • Relationship Skills – The amount of effort that a person invests in both making a relationship work, and learning how to make a relationship work, gives valuable insight in to their personality. It also goes a long way in determining what type of person they are most likely to build a successful relationship with.
  • Values and Beliefs  – Values and Beliefs form the cornerstone of most of our life experiences. How a person feels about spirituality, religion, family and even politics influences how they see the world. It also dictates the type of partner a person is going to be most comfortable sharing their lives with.
  • Key Experiences – A persons life experiences combine to dramatically affect who they are, how they relate to other people, and how they relate to the world around them.

The 500+ variables that eHarmony’s software evaluates are made up of various aspects of the core traits and vital attributes briefly described above. In addition to being supported by Dr. Warren’s research, they are also supported by common sense. The variables evaluated by the eHarmony matching service are all the sorts of things that common sense tells us would affect the compatibility between two people. eHarmony has taken this further by refining the variables and creating really complex matching algorithms based on extensive research. It therefore stands to reason that by providing eHarmony with personal information (by filling out the survey) they are very well positioned to match you with compatible women.

eHarmony Review – Customer Support and Customer Service

eHarmony has an excellent customer support team that have always answered my queries quickly and diligently. This means that should you ever need any guidance or help you can be safe in the knowledge that a member of the customer service team will be there to help you promptly. In addition to providing the usual customer support that you would expect from a subscription online dating site, eHarmony also offers a service that they call “guided communication”. This is basically a “how to” of online dating that helps guys that are new to the online dating game find their feet. The guided communication process offers comprehensive support and guidance on a wide range of topics that will really help guys completely new to online dating get started on the right track. Once the guided communication steps have been completed, members move on and begin to use eHarmony Mail, eHarmony’s private, messaging system. Alternatively guys who don’t want to go through the guided communication process can skip it and jump straight to eHarmony Mail.

eHarmony Review – Membership Costs

So I hope that this eHarmony review has managed to convince you of just how great a resource eHarmony is for single guys looking to meet new women and get their feet wet in the online dating world. The final factor that I guess needs consideration is the cost of the service. eHarmony’s membership fees are among highest of the major dating sites. One month costs $59.95 USD, with the monthly price lowering dramatically when you sign up for the 3, 6, or 12 months in advance (signing up for 12 months ends up costing just $19.99 per month – a saving of 67%).

The fact that the site charges a premium shouldn’t put you off. At the end of the day you get what you pay for with online dating. eHarmony is by far the most scientific and sophisticated of all the online dating sites, and I believe that its price offers really good value for money. Also, the fact that female eHarmony members also pay the monthly fee show that they are serious about meeting someone like you. My experiences in online dating have taught me that, as in many other areas of life, you get out what you put in. Invest some money ($19.99 per month – which lets be honest isn’t that much), as well as some time (to fill in the survey, learn about online dating, and learn how to use the eHarmony site) and you will massively increase your exposure to compatible attractive single women.

eHarmony Review – Summary

I highly recommend eHarmony for guys who are serious about finding a girlfriend and cultivating a lasting relationship. eHarmony’s track record is incredible, which isn’t surprising given the sophistication of their compatibility matching system, as well as the sheer number of users and the incredible diversity of the members pool.

To begin your eHarmony experience, register now and complete your Relationship Questionnaire. Once you have completed this survey, you will receive your FREE Personality Profile and the eHarmony matching software will immediately start pre-screening compatible single women. You will then be able to review your matches, choose the payment plan that’s best for you, then begin communication with single women.

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